Interview with Don Purcell, CPA, Certified Kingdom Advisor & Founder of Clarity Business Coaching Discussing The 2-Page Business Plan

Don’s Vision Statement:
 To help clients be good stewards of money and possessions.
Purpose Statement
 To glorify God by serving His People
Mission Statement
 To serve God’s people through intelligent and objective advice based on the Truth and Wisdom of God’s Word.

Purcell explained that “Critical to your vision for your business is an understanding of your why. Sometimes you need to eliminate an area of your business to streamline operations and increase profits.”

Purcell feels that identifying core values that balance “aspirational values” with “current values” keeps the proper alignment. Taking a pulse on the company currently to assess where the direction of the company is headed sets the culture for the company.

Elements of the 2-Page Business Plan include:
• What is the niche?
• What is the purpose?
• Who is the target market?
• Develop the Organizational Chart to deliver value
• Develop the “ROCK” Strategy showing where to focus.
• Identify the obstacles to overcome.

The primary source of new clients for Don is referrals from clients. These referrals have led Don to serve clients in multiple states and countries.

Don’s commitment to excellence and dedication to integrity cause him to strive to provide the highest standard of service.

Let my 30 years of experience as a CPA, investment advisor, and serial entrepreneur help your venture get on track and stay on track. Whatever issue you’re facing right now, whether it be soaring healthcare costs, government regulations, income taxes, or macro-economic concerns; I can help you.

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