Interview with Frank Maselli Dynamic & Entertaining Speaker & Trainer in the Financial Services Industry

Frank is a recognized expert in helping professionals reach new levels of success and he does it with tremendous insight, warmth and humor that have earned him “top speaker” acclaim at industry conferences for over a decade.

Frank is a former US Army officer, a Ph.D. in Psychology and a four-decade Wall Street veteran. He’s been a top advisor, manager of the #1 complex at a major national brokerage firm, and the National Sales Manager for one of the largest and most successful asset manager in the world.

In 2006, Frank started his own training firm out of a deep passion to help advisors, wholesalers and managers develop the new skills needed for success in today’s changing industry. He has written three best-selling books including the groundbreaking Referrals The Professional Way, SEMINARS: The Emotional Dynamic, and 40 Tips for the Under 40 Advisor.

Frank’s training programs give people modern skills, specific tools, and the genuine passion needed to thrive in this hyper-competitive environment. His audience will laugh, learn and leave prepared and eager to make positive changes in their business and their lives.

He has a unique way of blending advanced business tactics with an inspirational vision. His experience and ideas resonate with the top professionals in our industry and he brings intensity, genuineness and massive credibility to any conference agenda.

Frank is a member of The National Speakers Association and Mensa. A native New Yorker, Frank now lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife and two daughters.

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