Interview with Ilya Berman, Founder of Integrity Financial Solutions

Ilya carved out a niche for his business by offering his clients a proprietary approach to retirement planning using safe money options.

Through his experiences, Ilya learned to be self-sufficient and independent early on. Throughout Ilya’s life and career, his independence and entrepreneurial spirit have paved the way and inspired him to help others reach their financial independence. Ilya’s financial journey started in the mortgage industry working for a large financial firm. Thereafter deciding to transition to an independent financial professional.

The best part of being independent is his ability to work honestly and earnestly for his clients rather than any one company. He strives to provide high-quality service to his clients by staying informed and continuing his education.

Ilya is passionate about the work he does at Integrity Financial Solutions and believes with the right strategy in place, clients can achieve financial independence in retirement, free from concerns about outliving their income.

Ilya knows that clients are expecting more than ever from their financial professionals and is determined to improve the industry by setting the bar high by offering superior service as well as informing the public on what they should expect from their financial professionals.

Ilya aims to serve his clients with a higher level of professionalism. He stays plugged into current events and market conditions so he can be an invaluable asset to every one of his clients and paint a realistic picture of how market changes might affect their retirement sustainability.

Success is built on trust and strong relationships formed by dedication and open communication with clients.

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