Interview with Jacques Skuteeki Business Innovation Strategist

Jacques Skuteeki is a McGill graduate in Economics and Marketing. Started his career in sales and then got his first dream job in the pharmaceutical industry. Then, his interest was to get into Hospital Supplies so he could learn about group purchasing, his next step was to discover the world of Diagnostics; quickly after he became a Marketing Manager and then got a sales Manager position. At that point, he needed a break from the corporate world and decided to take a 6-month Sabbatical and backpack to Asia and visit six countries and then fell in love with Bali in Indonesia. That is when he convinced himself to never live in a winter country anymore or work for anybody. That day, he decided to become an entrepreneur. So, he started to get involved in Network Marketing with health-related products, but now he needed to learn how to network.

Jacques decided to be a member of BNI with their weekly breakfast meetings. Became a director opening new chapters in the French part of Montreal and training the officers to run those chapters and build memberships. Meanwhile, he was working on his Goal to live 12 months per year under the sun. So, he got involved in Landmark education learning how to create possibilities, and had his breakthrough in one of their seminars! As he spread the news of his dream, his best friend was working with a manufacturer of fancy foods.

Jacques got introduced and several had the interest to expand into the West Coast market, Next thing you know, he is on a plane headed for California attending the Fancy Food Shows building a great import/export business under the sun far away from winter working hard and having a blast. Then 911 hit us by surprise and his profit margins went down overnight because of the trade exchange. Now he had a new problem creating a new possibility in his life. He had samples or inventory in a warehouse and had no idea what to do with them. So, he got into the gift basket business and got into the world of trade and barter. This is America’s Best Kept Business Secret. Now, he trades his excess inventory into purchasing power. Then, for the next 15 years as a barter member, he moved to marketing and landed up running his own barter exchange in California.
Covid hit the market and he decided to sell his business. With his exposure to hundreds of business owners, their common challenge was to sell more because they had unsold inventory in the warehouse, as most professionals had empty appointment slots in their business, meaning lost business forever.

So today, they have created the 12-Step Cash Flow Marketing System that focuses on the sales cycle or the customer journey. They have produced creative ways to shorten it, generating quicker cash flow. They generate leads, build the audience, and create momentum with prospects to build like, trust, and understanding of your product or service.

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