Interview with John Turner Annuity Sales Expert and President of Selax Brokerage

John has 25+ years brokerage experience. He has developed and expanded relationships with Broker Dealers, RIA’s, Insurance Carriers, Banks and other Wall Street firms.
In his most recent role, John provided Executive leadership growing production from startup phase to $250 million in annuity sales within three years.
Prior to that John worked for an IMO where he created a system to grow the annuity business from approximately $300 million to more the $750 million during his tenure.
In the early part of his career, John spent 13 years with Charles Schwab & Co Inc., where he managed over $180 million AUM, and learned how to allocate annuity solutions as part of
a complex client’s portfolio.
John attended Columbia Union College (WAU) on a sports and leadership scholarship and The University of Alabama Financial Planning School of CHES. In addition, he holds the Accredited
Asset Management Specialist (AAMS) designation from The College of Financial Planning and The Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) from fi360.
John has been passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, since the beginning of his career. As a Sr. Executive in the industry his mission is to continue to be a catalyst for inclusive change
while creating technology that will revolutionize how we do business.

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