Interview with Jonathan Rosenfeld Founder of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

Jonathan Rosenfeld is an attorney in Chicago, Illinois concentrating in cases involving serious injury and wrongful death. Mr. Rosenfeld managed to consistently grow his business (10-20% annually) in the wake of additional competition and headwinds from the Covid-19 pandemic. At a time when other law firms are struggling to stay afloat, Mr. Rosenfeld continues to expand his law practice into emerging areas that help stabilize his revenue in uncertain times.

While nothing can take the place of hard work and commitment, Mr. Rosenfeld firmly believes in having balance in his life to include time for family, fun, exercise, and personal time.

Even during hectic periods at work, Mr. Rosenfeld is committed to allotting time for each aspect of his life which in turn leads to more productivity and happiness.When it comes to running a business, Mr. Rosenfeld is keenly aware that the race is indeed a marathon and successful people need to establish a solid foundation in order to set themselves up for success.

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