Interview with Jude Kampfner Founder of Jude Creativity Coaching

I started a business in 2005 in order to work for the BBC as an independent contractor – I was invited after they aired an audio drama I produced but I had also many years of freelancing experience with them both in the UK and the US. In order to understand working for the BBC in this very new capacity as a head of a company, I went back to London for five years. I sat on the Radio Independents Board, went to the vitally important commissioning meetings at Broadcasting House and learnt how to deliver shows with all the paperwork: the publicity, the compliance, and the presentation. An indie company is responsible for delivering a show and the BBC do not listen first so they have to trust you.

You are given a set budget and it’s up to you how you allocate it and how you make a profit! My company was and is the Corporation for Independent Media. In 2019 and 2020, I took coaching courses at New York University and with Eric Maisel who has developed Creativity Coaching.

I set up Jude Kampfner Coaching. I have clients who mostly want help with bringing their passion projects to life. Everyone’s different. I help them find the right format, title, episode breakdown, and marketing plan. It’s work I love it because I bring all my broadcast experience: audio fiction, documentary, magazine progs, hosting, writing, directing producing, sports commentating, and more!
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