Interview with Ken Abel Sales Director with Trailstone Insurance Group

I am a Colorado Native that loves camping, hiking, and enjoying our beautiful Rocky Mountains. I grew up playing soccer, track and field, fencing, tae-kwon-do, racquetball, and snowboarding. I was always doing something active or creative. If I was not playing a sport, I was practicing my artistic skills drawing and painting. I still have many of my drawings from when I was 10 years old until college. It’s amazing to see how you evolve and grow over the years looking back.

Nowadays I like to spend my free time with my boys and wife playing VR games, camping, hiking, or reading a good book. I really have a blast when we have time to throw on a classic John Wayne or Abbot and Costello movie and play a nice long  board game too.

My background is in Graphic Design and Digital Imaging. I took my love for art all the way through college and got my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Going through college in an age where computer graphics were just starting was remarkably interesting. Studying new programs and technologies that were just getting started like Photoshop was absolutely fascinating. Looking at the technology we have now is impressive and I am envious of what kids today have at their fingertips.

Making the switch to insurance might be strange to some after having such a creative background. However, I love it! The challenge and importance of finding the appropriate insurance coverage for people are exciting. Being able to make sure somebody is properly insured is important to me. Having three boys myself, I understand the importance of having the appropriate insurance coverage for families too. As an insurance agent, my goal is to make sure each person I talk to is suitably covered while being attentive to their budgets, treating each and every person as if they were part of my own family.

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