Interview with R.T. Custer Founder of Vortic Watch Company Discussing the Entrepreneurial Journey

R.T. grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm in Reading, PA. The farm was always the side-hustle for the family, but he learned to be an entrepreneur from his grandfather and his parents. After getting his degree in industrial engineering from Penn State University, he moved to Fort Collins for a job with Walmart Logistics. After a couple of years, his side hustle at the time, Vortic Watch Company, had really taken off and he went full time in 2016. He now runs the company and has five employees and also owns three other businesses in Fort Collins, mostly in consumer goods manufacturing and marketing services. He is motivated not only by his own success but by assisting others to succeed. His true passion is in marketing for physical products online. He has four different businesses, a girlfriend, two little kids, real-estate investments, and over 10 employees across all of his companies. He works hard and tries to do everything with a high level of quality and integrity. His drive comes from his relentless pursuit of legacy wealth for his family as well as his desire to help others and ultimately see his team and businesses win. R.T. was sued by the world’s largest watch company in 2015. Six years later, he’s still in the battle. It’s been extremely difficult to build a business with a massive federal lawsuit in the curtains but he feels the law is on their side. They’re fighting hard to protect their American Dream.

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Mike Saunders, MBA

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