Interview with Ronald Flores, Founder & CEO of Curious Finance

Ronald’s narrative unfolds as a testament to resilience, self-discovery, and an unyielding dedication to helping others achieve financial success. Born into a modest family, he embraced the values of hard work and resourcefulness from an early age. Ronald’s initial journey led him to the nursing field, where he dedicated eight years of his life working alongside physicians in mid-size to large hospitals.

Within the bustling healthcare environment, Ronald observed the intricate interplay between healthcare professionals and the financial intricacies of running a medical practice. Inspired by the physicians he collaborated with, he developed a keen interest in the financial aspects of their work. However, he soon realized that merely being part of the healthcare system did not guarantee financial security.

Motivated by a desire for financial independence, Ronald sought guidance from financial companies, hoping to leverage their expertise in planning his path to autonomy. Unfortunately, he encountered barriers in the form of fees that seemed counterproductive to his financial goals.

Rather than succumbing to discouragement, these challenges fueled Ronald’s determination to take control of his financial destiny. Undeterred, he embarked on a journey of self-education, attending events and seminars to gain insights into personal finance, investment strategies, and retirement planning. Along the way, Ronald forged valuable partnerships with industry leaders, including Transamerica Corporation and Covered California, gaining a deeper understanding of financial practices across various industries.

While working with large financial institutions, Ronald realized that the industry lacked a company that could seamlessly combine financial solutions, financial literacy, and collaboration among financial professionals, mirroring the collaborative nature of the medical field. In 2017, he founded Curious Finance, driven by a mission to address these gaps and provide proactive consulting services.

Ronald’s transformation extended beyond personal gain; it became a mission to empower others. Recognizing the lack of financial literacy among peers and the younger generation, he became a Certified Financial Education Instructor with the National Financial Educator’s Council (NFEC), equipped to share his knowledge with those eager to navigate the complexities of personal finance.

His community-oriented approach led him to engage with young entrepreneurs in the Bay Area, serving as a judge for the Network of Teaching Entrepreneurship. Collaborating with business partners, he conducted personal finance workshops for students at California State University East Bay (CSUEB) and UC Davis, contributing to the financial education of the next generation.

Ronald’s commitment to financial education expanded as he joined the NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association, broadening his reach and influence. His dedication to continuous learning is evident in his regular consumption of financial literature, keeping him at the forefront of industry trends.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ronald is a man of diverse interests. He finds joy in traveling, attending sports events, and actively engaging in community volunteering, including initiatives for clean communities and blood donation. He passionately supports impactful community foundations.

Yet, amidst these varied pursuits, Ronald cherishes moments spent with his wife and two children, especially during family travels and shared experiences. His story is one of transformation, from navigating hospital corridors as a healthcare professional to becoming a Business Financial Consultant dedicated to empowering individuals, families, businesses, and communities. Ronald’s journey reflects not only personal growth but also a profound commitment to sharing the knowledge acquired along the way, ensuring that others can also chart their paths to financial prosperity.

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