Interview with Spencer Hilligoss, CEO and Co-Founder of Madison Investing

Spencer Hilligoss is a full time investor and former operations leader who walked away from a lucrative career of 13 years across 5 high-growth Fintech companies. In 2019, five months before the pandemic – Spencer left behind the golden handcuffs to give full focus on serving Madison Investing’s passive investor group.

Now, Spencer’s full focus goes to Madison Investing – a passive investing group with hundreds of members actively deploying capital with Madison’s vetted sponsors and deals in high-growth markets across the US. Spencer and his wife/COO Jennifer put their own personal skin-in-the-game with each operator as the cornerstone of a 5-part sponsor vetting framework, designed to de-risk the toughest question facing every passive investor: “can I trust this team with my capital?”

Madison Investing specializes in real estate syndications and private equity funds – focused on multifamily, self storage and niche asset classes. Madison has partnered on real estate deals totaling more than 10,000 units – spanning 36 deals and 13 full-cycle exits.

Spencer is a father of two, an avid guitar player, graduate of CU Boulder and currently based in the Bay Area, California. He is a registered member of FINRA and a member of the Forbes 2022 Real Estate Council. Madison Investing is accepting applications from new members who meet Accredited Investor requirements:

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