Interview with Tyrone Clark President and Founder of Brokers’ Choice of America

Tyrone Clark is a national speaker, an educator, a mentor, a teacher, a financial advisor, a sales and marketing consultant, an author, and a serial entrepreneur. Tyrone has had an amazing career that has touched thousands of lives.

Tyrone has been on the advisory board of numerous insurance companies. He’s designed several insurance products, written many articles, and written and co-authored multiple books. Tyrone has appeared in numerous media sources. Tyrone’s heart and passion are part of the journey of the insurance agent because, as an agent, Tyrone rose through the ranks from being a successful salesperson to management to being a National FMO and company founder. His FMO is one of the oldest FMOs in the nation.

For over 33 years as an FMO, Brokers Choice of America has been a nationally recognized leader in Annuity sales and ranked as a number one sales achiever for numerous insurance carriers.

Tyrone has also assisted other FMOs in getting started and has been active with many Industry Trade groups. Tyrone has been called the agent’s agent, having trained more than 8,000 agents and conducted over 2,000 consumer seminars and workshops in 49 states.

If you’re a licensed financial advisor, you’ve received or read the five national magazines that Tyrone is a co-founder of, and they have been a game changer in the industry. Undoubtedly, Tyrone has been an influencer, a disruptor, and a game-changer in the industry.

Tyrone has also been a serial entrepreneur for numerous start-up companies outside the insurance industry. He has been a proud supporter of the Community and Chamber of Commerce. His most important gift is his faith, which he says overshadows anything he has accomplished.

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