Isiah Fowler-Founder of Starts With A Vision. Podcaster and Digital Media Strategist.

In this episode, Craig talks with Isiah Fowler an authority in media and content creation specialist. Isiah shares how while in the Air Force he managed victory in a fight of his life through malaria, and later defeat in divorce to find his voice and gift as an entrepreneur. Listen to Isiah’s passion to help elevate small business owner’s message through media broadcasting, mentoring, and the mastery of obstacles.
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Neil Howe & Craig Williams

Neil Howe is a 3-time #1 Best Selling Author, Online Media Strategist, avid reader and recovering SEO expert. Neil Hosts Expert Profiles Atlanta, The Trust Factor Radio and Business Authority Radio interviewing leaders, professionals, and influencers locally and globally. Craig Williams was featured on NBC's "The Apprentice" with Donald Trump and is a successful serial entrepreneur/consultant.