James Warren – Washington D.C. Tax Attorney on Audits, Business Structure and the King of Jordan

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with James Warren. James is a Washington, DC tax attorney who helps people and business deal with complex tax issues and transactions, everything from fighting IRS in court to how to structuring a new business or forming a charity.

James specializes in helping people or businesses that are being audited by the IRS and who disagree with the IRS’s interpretation of the law or the facts.

People who are looking for advice on how best to structure a business or a transaction in a tax-efficient way, but don’t understand the pros and cons of the different possibilities.  

People who want to set up a charity or other tax-exempt organization and don’t know where to start or who may have concerns, for example, about doing humanitarian work in a conflict zone.

Many people believe that most tax work is done by accountants and other tax preparers.  Tax attorneys don’t usually prepare returns and they don’t get especially busy during the first two weeks of April.  Also, they generally don’t do numbers.  Tax law is more about words than numbers.  

Warren warns, “People tend to think that they can deal with complex tax problems themselves until they find that they are sinking into the morass and need professional help.  Those with tax problems often have other financial problems which makes them reluctant to pay for a tax professional to sort it out.  Clients often have the mistaken belief that tax problems, if ignored, will just go away eventually.  This is not true!” 

To find out more about James Warren, visit:

James F. Warren, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Counsel, Potomac Law Group
3331 Reservoir Road NW
Washington, DC 20007

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