Jamie Kenny of Spanish Horses For Sale Has Recently Been Interviewed on Business Innovators

Jamie Kenny has spent her entire life immersed in the equestrian world. Her company, Spanish Horses For Sale, specialises in PRE (Pura Raza Español) horses. Based in Malaga, in the heart of Andalucia, she is ideally located to find the very best horses in Spain for clients.

Having sourced, evaluated, and exported horses valued from a few thousand euros to a six-figure Grand Prix horse, Jamie understands the importance of correctly assessing a horse before buying it.

“I am always conscious that I am acting for the buyer and not for the seller, so whenever I consider a horse, my first line of thought is whether or not I would buy this horse myself,” Jaime states.

During the interview on Business Innovators, Kenny highlights some of the processes that she goes through:

The first stage is, of course, to check whether the horse is suitable for the client´s needs. There is a world of difference between finding a horse for an amateur looking for a pleasure or trail horse to sourcing a horse for a world-class equestrian looking to compete at Grand Prix.

Having competed herself at national and international levels, she has a wealth of experience that buyers can count on. Whilst putting the horse through its paces, videos are also taken, allowing buyers to see for themselves how the horse performs.

The second stage is checking for vices and potential health problems. This is where particular attention needs to be paid, as sellers may very well not disclose if a horse has any vices. Health problems would include any lumps, bumps, or swellings that the buyer would need to be made aware of.

Only when this is done should a veterinary examination be conducted. This needs to be carried out with an eye to which country the horse will be exported. For example, in Europe, only a health certificate is needed, but for the USA or Australia, a Piroplasmosis test is required.

If the horse passes the full pre-purchase examination by a vet, including X-rays and blood tests, then Kenny will arrange for the transport of the horse to the buyer´s door. She uses a number of companies that specialise in transporting horses by air and that will handle all of the documentation and, if necessary, compliance with any quarantine requirements in the destination country.

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For more information on buying a horse in Spain and the services offered by Spanish Horses For Sale, Jamie Kenny can be contacted by telephone at + 34 622 181 903, by email Jjaspanishhorsesforsale@gmail.com or visit the website www.spanishhorsesforsale.com.