Jason Lucchesi – Real Estate Investing – It’s Not Just About The Income, It’s About The Freedom

In this episode Jack talks with Jason Lucchesi about life after the mortgage industry reality check almost everyone in the Real Estate world experienced in 2008. From top of his game, riding high on the sub-prime lending niche to hitting bottom and then bouncing back up even higher – his story is fascinating.

Real estate investing is a dream for many and Jason has made it his reality. He shares how he got into investing with no money and made it work in the toughest of times. Having “figured it out,” he now shares his strategies with those who want to learn from others and avoid the mistakes that can be made.

It is still possible to invest in real estate with none of your own monies and with more of a hands-off approach and Jason explains how this can be done. If you’ve ever wondered if the golden days of real estate investing are gone for good, Jason will dispel those worries.

Great information if you’d like to dip your toes into the housing industry post-recession and do it the right way.

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