Jason Morris – Real Estate Agent & Trainer, Myrtle Beach, SC

Jason Morris is the For Sale By Owner Master! He is a real estate agent and trainer from Myrtle Beach, SC and works for EXP Realty.

Jason has successfully built a huge following on Facebook and Youtube sharing tactics and strategies that other real estate agents can use to book more appointments and make more sales.

He is the Best Selling author of the book “How To Be A FSBO Master – Real Estate Agents That Really Work” available on Amazon.com

In this interview, Jason shares multiple strategies for getting more real estate leads as well as the reasons most real estate agents struggle to compete.

To learn more about Jason Morris, visit: http://JasonMorrisGroup.com

Email: JasonMorrisMyrtleBeach@gmail.com

Neil Howe & Craig Williams

Neil Howe is a 3-time #1 Best Selling Author, Online Media Strategist, avid reader and recovering SEO expert. Neil Hosts Expert Profiles Atlanta, The Trust Factor Radio and Business Authority Radio interviewing leaders, professionals, and influencers locally and globally. Craig Williams was featured on NBC's "The Apprentice" with Donald Trump and is a successful serial entrepreneur/consultant.