JC Moreau – Sports Performance Coaching for Building Physical and Mental Strength In Developing Athletes

Sports Performance Coach JC Moreau has worked with serious athletes from pre-teens and collegiate age to the elite professional and Olympic level.

In this interview with Jack, JC makes the distinction between what a sports performance coach does and what personal trainers or a sports-specific coaches do.

JC now focuses on working with younger developing athletes. He doesn’t work on sports-specific skills, such as batting or tackling skills. Rather, he works on body-specific skills, such as movement and posture as well as the mindset required for success. These will help create a strong, skilled athlete, versus a baseball player or a golfer.

The skills he teaches his students are those he hopes become lifelong habits. He focuses on educating his young students about many things, in addition to the physical skills. Proper nutrition and supplementation are just a couple of the lifelong habits he infuses into his students.

If you’re a parent of a young developing athlete, you’ll want to listen to the wise words JC Moreau shares from his life-long experiences in working with the best athletes – young and old.

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