Jean Latting, President of Leading Consciously & Leadership Coach, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Listen to the Business Innovators Radio Network interview to learn how to handle people whose work and thinking styles are different and use feedback for personal and professional growth.

Everyone should feel valued, capable, and empowered to contribute their insight in the workplace and the community. The tools and teachings offered by Leading Consciously help make that happen. Individuals can alter their direction toward a more fulfilled life. Organizations can shift their expectations for greater effectiveness, inclusiveness, and ultimately the greater good.

Latting commented that “We are a leadership development firm that helps individuals and organizations create resilient, sustainable, multicultural, and inclusive settings. The ability to lead consciously can help you gain true awareness and earn respect and trust of others!”

Stephen L. Williams, M.Ed., MPS Director at City of Houston Health Services Department, said, “I am convinced that the services of Leading Consciously are more than worth the investment. Simply put, they get the results.”

About Jean Latting

Jean is an organizational consultant and management coach. She has over 20 years of consultation and teaching experience within private and public sector organizations. Her scholarship and consulting are dedicated to helping people fulfill their goals and give meaning to their lives. As a social scientist, she has endeavored to master the technologies of change, development, and diversity and put these into practice and demonstrate that they work in everyday life.

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