JODI HINKLE: HerQuest Creating Sister Circles for Business Success

Jodi Hinkle, Founder and CEO of HerQuest, is a seasoned Business Development Strategist who has finely tuned her ability to assess, develop and design collaborative business solutions.

With 20+ years in corporate America, Jodi has transitioned her leadership to fostering collective alliances among women entrepreneurs. Eager to blend customer engagement strategies among aligned businesses, Jodi guides business owners, who want to leverage their expertise to even more success, through an assessment and enhancement of their Customer Engagement Systems.

Jodi’s unique approach blends the concepts used in Corporate America with understanding and strategically aligning Business Planning with the Customer’s Emotional Journey and Destination.

Jodi’s most recent focus has been the development of HerQuest.Net, a multi-faceted platform offering multiple women owned businesses the opportunity to expand their businesses. HerQuest Business Alliances offers the only process that guides independent business owners how to tap into their customer’s emotional journey, select the right incremental engagement to ensure precise customer fulfillment, surpassing customer satisfaction and achieving customer loyalty.

The Service Lines reflected in Personal Discovery Workshops, Holistic Service Treatments, Retreat Venues, Guided Journeys and Adventure Travel are continually evolving, as they offer a blend of local and traveling subject matter experts.

The core of HerQuest’s mission is to guide women how to free themselves from perceived limitation and embrace the awareness of how to foster the life they want.