Jody Jelas – Behind The “Boom Formula” For Creating Your Online Program

Boom! This word describes how Jody Jelas, author of the Amazon best seller “LadyBalls: Live Your Ultimate Lifestyle And Build A Business You Freakin’ Love, Just By Being YOU!” approaches life. At the young age of 21, she quit a great job to start a web designing business – before she even knew how to design websites. Boom! – all within 24 hours. This decision took her through the successes, failures, obstacles and triumphs that most entrepreneurs face and now she has brought back the map.

Jody has been helping others overcome fear and procrastination to have their own “Boom” moment – with Boom Formula 2.0. In this interview with Jack, Jody explains how she has updated and revamped her successful Boom Formula program to meet the needs of today’s wantapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Many of her clients already have successful businesses but want to ramp it up to the next level. Jody excels at helping others do exactly that.

She shares how, despite her previous success, she basically started her current business from ground zero. Online programs leverage time for busy entrepreneurs and allows them to grow their businesses. Jody explains how she started out bootstrapping her way and learning lessons she helps others avoid.

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