Joe Lukacs, Expert in Mastermind Groups for Financial Advisors, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

In the interview, Joe Lukacs discusses his approach to helping his financial advisor clients create a business plan that gives them a successful future by pointing out what separates high-achieving financial advisors from those who struggle. From his 20+ years in the financial services industry, Joe paints the picture of where he sees the financial advice profession headed.

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Joe serves the financial planning industry by bringing together like-minded independent advisors, RIA’s, and selected industry thought leaders to discuss, brainstorm, teach, mastermind, associate,& create innovative practice/business models. This will ensure leadership that will guarantee a thriving business through a band of like-minded brothers and sisters who want to improve themselves and help each other improve.



Travis Koivula, CFP, said about Joe, “In January of 2021, I came into the Magellan Network and ‘Coach Joe’ after working with him for a few months, I have noticed a dramatic difference in my attitude, routine, energy level, and outlook on the future. After 2020 my normal routine was off, and that was having an effect on my business and personal life. Joe’s morning 8 routine has transformed how my days are going. Also he has an academy program of training videos on how to be a better advisor that is worth the price of admission to the network. Part of me wants to tell everyone about how great this program is and part of me wants to keep it a secret(because I feel it is that good and I don’t want other advisors to know about it). I wish I had met Joe years ago and often ponder what my business and life would be like if I had.”

Lukacs explained, “If You Are a Financial Advisor…and Want to FINALLY Break Free From The Limiting Beliefs & Destructive Behaviors Keeping You STUCK Inside the Chaos of Scarcity…Ultimately Preventing You From TRULY Having it All…we should talk! I Have Painstakingly Developed My Coaching  Strategies & Systems Over 52,000  Individual Coaching Sessions Over 25 Years. In 2013 I invited 12 clients to join me in a mastermind/study group. Our purpose is to explore success, growth, and the creation of the game to go from abundance to prosperity. Today, we have several groups that have evolved into over 40 advisors committed to having it all. This is what you will experience in Magellan MasterMinds.”


About Joe Lukacs

Joe Lukacs is one of the most experienced coaches for financial advisors with over 28 years and over 55,000 individual coaching sessions during that time.

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