JOHN RANKINS: International Bestselling Author of the Life Mastery Playbook

John Rankins is the International Bestselling Author of the Life Mastery Playbook, Founder of the Revolution Mastermind, and President of Optimo International. Known for his entrepreneurial focus on Sales and Leadership training, John’s mission to develop leaders and change lives is the reason he’s one of the most sought after business trainers alive today.

His sales and training expertise has built over 2000 people’s businesses over the last 25 years with businesses generating over $100,000,000 in revenue in the last 5 years alone. He has trained over 10,000 people in sales and leadership and has a massive sales force of 4,000 people all over Southeast Asia. His world class programs transform people’s lives both personally and professionally, doubling sales in more than 20 companies in less than 90 days in the last 2 years.

Tamara "Tami" Patzer

Tamara "Tami" Patzer is the host of The Thought Leaders show and the creator of the Daily Success Network featuring Women Innovators Radio. A social media expert, she is a frequent guest on TV News programs on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CW.

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