Josh D. Millang, President of Retirement Protectors, was Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Innovative Long-Term Care Strategies

Josh Millang discusses how to plan for long-term care.

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Josh explained: Having a long-term care plan in place is essential for providing for yourself or your loved ones if there comes a time when assistance with everyday activities such as managing medications and personal hygiene is needed. Long-term care plans can also help protect assets so that expenses related to long-term care can be covered.

To establish a successful plan, one must consider the types of services one may need now and anticipate needing them in the future. Long-term care typically includes formal services like home health aides, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and adult daycare centers. It also includes informal arrangements such as hiring someone to assist at home or having friends and family members lend a hand. Evaluating options based on cost, lifestyle preferences, and medical needs is essential. Finally, understand the role of insurance in helping to pay for long-term care or if other forms of payment are needed. A well-thought-out plan can provide peace of mind that a family will be taken care of during a difficult time.  

The key to having a successful long-term care plan is being prepared ahead of time. Make sure you have a complete understanding of the services and products that are available to you. Research different long-term care services, such as nursing homes and home health aides, and look into the costs associated with each option. Talk to a doctor about which type of service would be the most beneficial for current medical condition. Finally, discuss insurance coverage for long-term care with a certified, licensed professional to understand what is or isn’t covered by the policy. By taking the steps necessary to create a comprehensive plan now, one can ensure that when the time comes, they’re prepared for long-term care. 


About Retirement Protectors

RPI has been actively managing Health, Wealth, and Legacy solutions for over 2,000 retiree clients from our Central Iowa Headquarters since 2008. They are an established succession planning firm for retiring Medicare Insurance Agents and a Wealth/ Legacy Resource for a growing Network of Elite Independent Senior Market Advisors.

HEALTH- With their proprietary Carrier Connect Platform, they educate Medicare Beneficiaries on the multitude of plan types and companies available in their local market, set expectations for their optimal healthcare experience, and support them over time with our Proactive Service Model (TM)

WEALTH- Financial professionals do fabulous work getting people to retirement, so they can work with them. They leverage the strategies, tactics, products, and technology to craft bulletproof retirement income strategies- for retirees that don’t want to run into worries or run out of money.

LEGACY- Most people prefer to leave their legacy to loved ones, rather than their greedy Uncle or a local care facility. They implement innovative planning concepts to mitigate these risks, in some cases without exclusively tying up valuable assets.

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