Julie Hamilton – Breast Feeding Compliance Specialist and Advocate for the Restaurant Industry

Julie Hamilton, a pioneer in restaurant readiness and compliance when it comes to an issue that is both emotional and uncomfortable in this country, yet this is something natural that mothers have been doing since the first child was born.

Her background in strategic marketing, PR and advertising makes Julie one of the most sought after experts when it comes to helping restaurants come into compliance with state and national laws about breastfeeding in public.

As more women become aware of the health benefits, breastfeeding is becoming more prevalent in the United States. The problem is that restaurant employees usually don’t know what to do when a customer is uncomfortable with it and complains.

Most restaurants don’t have policies and procedures in place and it’s usually handled incorrectly by employees.

Julie explains how she helps restaurants not only protect their brand, but also interact properly and legally with their customers and community. She shares that advocacy groups and social media can be forces to reckon with if a situation is handled in the wrong way by the restaurant staff.

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