Kenneth Pugmire – Elite Personal Branding

Branding and graphic art have been passions for Kenneth Pugmire since he was a young boy.

In this interview with Jack, Kenneth shares how combining these two passions has elevated not only his own business, but many others’ as well.

Kenneth would troll supermarket and store shelves as a young man, studying the differences in branding and price points, depending not only on design, but positioning as well.

He learned the intricacies of making something not only beautiful, but effective for producing sales and profits.

In his early days involved in direct response, he combined his branding graphic skills with direct response style design to brand offers. As he combined traditional media branding design with direct response, there was a significant increase in the value and price points for offers.

Deciding to brand himself to attract more customers, Kenneth found that business exploded for him quite quickly, in fact, within a matter of days.

To his surprise, in addition to getting more direct response clients, he found even more people wanted his help in branding them.

Branding others is now his core business and the results folks are having are nothing short of amazing.

Listen in to see how this came about and the results that can be achieved.

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