Kent Littlejohn – How a $4.7MM Financial Catastrophe Created a Linkedin Lead Generation Powerhouse

Kent Littlejohn is recognized as a leading authority on generating qualified business leads on Linkedin for some of the top producers in the insurance, real estate, financial and coaching fields.

In this interview, Kent shares the details of how just ten days after getting the news that his third child was on the way, he learned that the business and life he had worked so hard to build for his family was wiped out. $4.7MM was embezzled from his client accounts, and he was on the hook for every penny and beyond.

This would have certainly crushed the hopes and dreams of most, but for Kent, it was the fuel that drove him to develop a lead generation system using Linkedin that not just allowed him to recover quickly from financial catastrophe, but to build an even bigger business that helps so many others do the same.

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