LAUREN D’ANGELO of LolaYoga is Mindful with Podcasts and Online Classes During Covid-19

Lauren D’Angelo has been active her entire life. Some of her earliest memories are playing outdoors, enjoying nature, and fresh air. In high school, Lauren was an athlete and it was in college when she discovered her love for running.

Yoga came later on in her life. While working in Corporate America, and going to school at night earning her MBA, she hit her first buy of burnout. Soon after, she found her way into a yoga class.

Her first class was an experience she said she will never forget, and knew instantly that the practice was something she was supposed to end up sharing.

She began regularly practicing in Boston, MA, and was able to manage her anxiety, noticed an overall increased sense of happiness and gratitude, and she was better able to end the space between stimulus and response.

Soon after her first class, she set out on a journey to learn to teach and share this practice with as many people as she could. The practice done by yoga goers taught her so much more than physical flexibility.

Lauren’s goal in creating Lola Yoga is to be a resource. Here you can check my weekly classes and workshops, read her blogs and listen to her podcasts, and even book a private yoga session or corporate event with Lauren. She will share her knowledge of yoga, mindfulness, and health and wellness with you openly.

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Tamara "Tami" Patzer

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