Lauren Grey Flanagan – Communications Strategist Advising Companies on How to Empower Employees Through Engagement

Lauren Grey Flanagan, MPA, is a communications strategist advising companies on how to empower employees through engagement. Engaged employees drive revenue, cross-sell, and empower themselves and others to become better stewards in their professional and personal lives, which improves the community as a whole. With USI Insurance Services, Lauren serves as an employee benefits consultant designing cost containment strategies that positively impact bottom-line forecasts; and, the results forĀ her clients are insurmountable.

She is also learning about the rapidly changing communications climate, largely due to technological advances; where the intersection of work life and personal life collide. She began studying data patterns four years ago and is currently working toward a certification in Artificial Intelligence Strategy from the UC Berkeley School of Information. Certification in AI is representative of what she believes will bring a major cultural shift, directly impacting how we succeed in the fourth industrial revolution.

As a first time author, her new book, 1001 Watts, released on Amazon June 21, 2019, is the output of her education and life experiences. She has a passion for data and healthcare, information, communications, and technology. Her continued education, and earning a Master of Public Affairs degree, has led her to where she is today: An advocate of empowerment through engagement.

Her findings illustrate that women around the world are searching for a new way to connect, to follow their vision, to be guided and nourished. 1001 Watts is a guide that will help women navigate a new path of change in the fourth industrial revolution. Her mission is to bring hope and community to all women at a crossroads around the world and accelerate a path of change. A percentage of the profits from this book will be donated to education funds that support women.