Les Eads – New trends in thinning hair for both men and women

In this episode, Les Eads, featured in Hair Replacement Today Magazine, discusses thinning hair and what pills, lotions and potions actually work and who’s the best candidate for hair transplant vs a hair replacement system (the new modern term for what our parents would call a toupee). He even shares the secret behind President Donald Trump’s hair. Is it real?

Les is the owner of Carmel Hair Technologies and Michiana Hair Technologies and has high profile clients around the country who want the best and latest technique in hair replacement so that their system is undetectable. Long gone is the old fragile human toupee that would blow up with the wind. Today’s high tech systems can be washed in the shower, worn while swimming, blow dried and styled anyway you want.

Bald is out for men. Young looking hair is back in.

Les is a 40 year veteran in the hair industry and one of just a handful of highly trained hair replacement experts with the skill high profile executives will trust.

Nina Hershberger

Nina Hershberger is a Best Selling Author, host of MegaBucks Radio on Business Innovators Radio and contributing iReporter covering business influencers, innovators, and trendsetters in Business, Health, Insurance, Real Estate and Finance. She is also the Publisher of the Renegade Business Success magazine.