Linda Poteet – Celebrate Your Deliciousness

In this episode, author of “Celebrate Your Deliciousness” Linda Poteet discusses how our imperfections are what can make us so fascinating to others and why they should be celebrated rather than fixed.

Linda believes the way you show up in the world is your biggest brand asset. As a Personal Branding and Lifestyle Specialist, Linda inspires women to tap into their unique gifts; potential, passions and what she calls “inner deliciousness”.

Jack talks with Linda about her book, “Celebrate Your Deliciousness”, which connects the secrets of the wine industry to the reader’s personal journey in a very clever and entertaining way.

By creating wine and food pairings with recipes and suggestions from leading winemakers, wineries and chefs, the book identifies key actions to take to achieve precious desires, celebrate successes and toast to life daily.

Linda also shares how she is helping entrepreneurs Package that Potential to design a lifestyle and brand that are magnetic and inspiring.

Celebrate Your Deliciousness: Pairing Secrets from the Wine World to Cultivate a Life and Business of Connection, Charm, Freedom and Toast Worthy Dreams” is available on

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