Lisa Jones – Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EyeMail Inc.

Lisa S. Jones is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EyeMail She is responsible for integrating audio and video technology, to bring traditional email communications to life. Under her leadership, she directs and oversees the strategic roadmap and development of the corporation, to include management of the international expansion and distributorship of the EyeMail brand worldwide. Recent additions to the brand include to EyeMail Canada and EyeMail Brazil and next release will be EyeMail Africa. Lisa has received several awards and honors recognizing her many accomplishments. She is an Emerging Business Honoree for Women in Technology. She is the winner of Season 1 of the CBS Show, The Next Tycoon. Jones was selected into Microsoft Corporation Mentor Protégé Program and also recognized as the 1st African-American Woman Owned Technology Company to participate in Microsoft’s Incubation Program. She is rapidly emerging as a trailblazer for women owned technology companies, specializing in email and online innovation. Lisa has assured the business community that EyeMail is only just begun-emojis and emoticons have a complimentary asset in the emotional sphere of communication, so Stay Tuned!

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