Marc C. Vasquez Co-Founder and President of Donumvita, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast, Discussing The Stewardship Paradigm

Marc C. Vasquez discusses the extraordinary value proposition he provides clients. Financial Independence is achieved by teaching how to fundamentally eliminate wealth transfers that occur unknowingly and unnecessarily due to debt, inflation, qualified retirement plans, taxes, and misinformation.

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Their Methodology – The Stewardship Paradigm™  The ethic to make, keep, and grow money and is based on time-tested and proven principles:

Principle #1 – Commit To Better Results…

Principle #2 – Increase Your Financial IQ

Principle #3 – Apply Principle-Based Behavior

Principle #4 – Control Your Financial Environment

Principle #5 – Make Money With Money

Principle #6 – Never Lose Money

Principle #7 – Earn Uninterrupted Compound Interest

Vasquez commented, “We exist to foster economic independence and wealth in America by teaching clients how to plan and manage cash-flow, net-worth, and risk. Our Mission and Vision is to close the wealth gap in America one family at a time helping 1-million Americans amass Generational Wealth.”

Marc believes that his diverse education, learned professional skill sets, unique life experiences, quality service standards, and value-added business propositions culminate his competitive differentiation.


About Marc C. Vasquez

Marc has co-founded Donumvita, Donumvita Brokerage, and Donumvita Consultants, wholly owned subsidiaries of Donumvita Corporation. The focus is to empower people through Financial Education. Marc helps entrepreneurs to make, keep, and grow money like banks do by teaching them how to implement the Private Reserve System™ to accumulate, distribute, and transfer wealth on a tax-free basis. 

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