Marc Fey, MBA, MA, owner of MKF Strategic Marketing

Marc believes marketing is a means to relationship-building. Certified as a StoryBrand Guide and in IDEO’s “Storytelling for Influence,” Marc brings a wide background to his work: teacher, pastor, non-profit executive, head of marketing at a fast-growing software company, head of marketing at a financial advisory services firm, writer, coach, speaker and marketing consultant.

This circuitous path has given him deep insight into what it means to grow an organization through marketing which focuses on relationship-building.

Marc explains, “I like to tell my clients that I wouldn’t have been a very good marketer 20 years ago, when the approach was image management and the name of the game was manipulation.

Today, however, consumers are smart and perceptive. As a result, authenticity, empathy, generosity, trust and accountability to the customer experience get real results.”

At Cherwell Software, over 24 months Marc led the marketing team for one of the fastest growing software companies in the ITSM space, growing from $8M in 2012 to $16M in 2013, then $31M in 2014.

At this time, and was responsible for sourcing 75% of revenue, and as a senior executive participated in the acquisition of a $25M investment by the private equity firm Insight Venture Partners, facilitated an annual innovation retreat, and managed analyst relations with Gartner, Forrester, and IDC.

At Hanson McClain Advisors, he served as head of marketing, implementing a sophisticated digital platform sales funnel which resulted in growth in new client appointments of 110% over 2 years.

The focus of MKF Strategic Marketing is to help his clients identify short term opportunities while solving the longer-term challenges that lead to sustained, and potentially transformational, growth.

Marc is also the author of The 2:10 Project and enjoys hiking, golf, cycling and reading and writing on leadership. He lives in Sacramento, CA with his wife, and together they have 3 grown children.

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