Mark Joyner – Founder & CEO of Simpleology

Mark is currently serving as Founder and CEO at Simpleology, a web application that doubles your productivity (and your free time) by simplifying your life.

Author of over a dozen books translated into 20+ languages.  Several of which were #1 best-sellers.  Including …  The Irresistible Offer, Integration Marketing, The Worst Case Scenario Business Survival Guide, The Great Formula, and more.  

Serial entrepreneur with 30+ startups under his belt.  Widely recognized as the “father of online marketing” for his pioneering work in the early days of the Internet.  His startups include Aesop (the first ebook publishing company), ROIbot (the first online ad-tracking company and first client-side SAAS), SearchHound (the 2nd pay-per-click search engine, years before Google), StartBlaze (first ever traffic exchange system, the 36th most visited site in the world 6 weeks after its release), Neurogizers, and more.

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