Mark Meding Releases Thrilling New Novel, “The Jersey Death Squad: A Journey to Kill Jessie Freeman”

The Jersey Death Squad: A Journey to Kill Jessie Freeman is a compelling fiction suspense thriller, now available on Amazon in Paperback, Kindle, and Audible formats, and takes readers on a nostalgic journey through friendship, loyalty, and love.

Raised and residing in North Jersey with his wife and dog Lola, Meding is a multifaceted artist. By day, he excels in the corporate world, and by night, he immerses himself in his passion for music, performing with various bands across North Jersey and New York. He is a member of the Southern Rock cover band Southern Stew, which entertains audiences in the region.

Meding’s artistic pursuits extend beyond music; he is also a Moss Artist and a martial artist. Additionally, he is the founder of the Society Cafe Concert Series, continually supporting the arts in his community.

With the release of The Jersey Death Squad: A Journey to Kill Jessie Freeman, Meding adds “author” to his impressive resume. The book delves into the lives of four New Jersey boys growing up in the 70s and 80s, weaving a story rich with nostalgia and poignant reflections on friendship and loyalty.

Book Overview:

The Jersey Death Squad: A Journey to Kill Jessie Freeman is a story about four friends who grew up together in rural northern New Jersey. The four are close enough to be brothers—a chosen family—whose loyalty and love for one another become a powerful force in their lives. When the boys witness a tragic accident involving a local police officer, they are profoundly affected, especially upon learning the full extent of the injury.

As the boys observe the impact of the tragedy on the officer’s family, they create a pact: if any one of them should ever become a mental or physical burden to their friends or family, the remaining friends need to end their lives. Decades later, as grown men, they are devastated to learn that due to a horrible accident, one of them meets the condition described in the pact. The remaining friends reconnect and set off on a journey to get to their soul brother and fulfill their fateful obligation.

This compelling and frequently funny story explores reconnection, friendship, and love, and asks the question: can the boys fulfill the pact and murder their friend after all these years, with so much to lose?

Praise for The Jersey Death Squad: A Journey to Kill Jessie Freeman:

Thomas Clifford wrote on Amazon, “True friendships, forged during the magic of adolescence, last forever, whether we know it or not. Mark Meding captures that truth in a manner that defies fiction. His masterful writing reflects a depth of authenticity that can only come from a life well-lived. The narrator nails it, adding more value to an already priceless work of art.”

Rob Muf said, “A fun book to read with many familiarities of my youth. Mark’s character setup and the intelligent unfolding of a captivating storyline, along with well-placed character flashbacks, really immerse the reader in a quest that seems baked into the title!”

Katherine Baumann added, “This book was extremely a great read. A mix of Sandlot, Sopranos, and Little Rascals producing a tight-knit bond between four boyhood friendships that twist and turn to adulthood. A heartwarming depiction of old days gone by with a surprising ending! It’s a perfect beach read!”

The Jersey Death Squad: A Journey to Kill Jessie Freeman offers a darkly comedic yet heartfelt narrative that promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats. The novel blends mystery, laughter, and friendship in unexpected ways, making it a must-read for fans of suspense and emotional storytelling.

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