Marta Papa The Divorce Whisperer-Top Family Law Attorneys and Divorce Mediators in St. Louis, Missouri

Marta J. Papa, J.D. has helped over 14,000 couples in fractured, unhappy marriages find hope for a better future using her 35 years of experience as a divorce lawyer and mediator.

She received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Houston and obtained a post-graduate certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy Training from the prestigious Menninger Psychiatric Institute. With over 16 publications, 25 speaker appearances, and 15 certifications and awards, Marta Papa is an expert in family mediation and divorce. She is a nationally recognized speaker on divorce and has been featured in various publications like Times, Wall Street Journal, Sky Radio, and Marie Claire.

As a regular guest speaker at conferences, on television, and on radio programs, Marta has helped establish mediation as an alternative to divorce litigation in the St. Louis area.

For five years Marta compiled anecdotes, lessons, and advice she gathered from clients, therapists, and other lawyers into a comprehensive guide to divorce. She recently published it as her first novel, 7 Secrets from The Divorce Whisperer: Saving Yourself, Your Money, & Your Children During Divorce. She hopes that her book provides clarity to readers through both the legal morass and emotional toll of their divorce.

Marta’s ultimate goal is to save children from the devastating impact of divorce by paving the way for mediation to become the process of choice for couples facing divorce.

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