Martyn Lewis – Buying Journey DNA – Author of “How Customers Buy & Why They Don’t”

Martyn R. Lewis was born and educated in the UK, emigrated to Canada in 1980 and now resides in northern California. Initially a programmer, Martyn worked in the major accounts division of ICL in the UK.

After moving to Ottawa, he joined Digital Equipment of Canada in sales where he spent the next ten years eventually rising to the position of VP Marketing and Sales Services. On leaving DEC, he was appointed CEO of Drake International, North America, where he led a large, multi-divisional sales force to reverse a declining trend to growing the business at more than three times the industry rate.

In the mid-90’s, he left corporate life to start his own consulting company, Market-Partners Inc.  A singular and far-reaching element of his methodology was his insistence that they research their clients’ customers as assiduously as the clients’ own sales force. He and his team’s work continued to evolve as they talked to ever more customers about how they buy and why they don’t, and a number of startling observations began to materialize. Once recognized and defined, these revelations crystallized into hard data and now form the basis of his theory of Outside-In Revenue Generation.

The practical application of this ground-breaking concept has since evolved into market-proven results that are consistent, significant, scalable and sustainable.
Martyn has now consulted in 33 countries with the result that his work has been used across 44 countries, in 17 languages, and has impacted over 85,000 sales professionals.

He is also internationally recognized as an extraordinary speaker, having delivered numerous keynote addresses live, on radio and television.
Martyn acts as an advisor to a number of executives in the high technology industry and is active on several advisory boards and boards of directors.

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