MARY PALMER: Your Face is Your Calling Card

Mary Palmer was recently awarded the Miss Go-Give Award which is the highest Mary Kay Cosmetics honor celebrating integrity, passion, and bigheartedness. Mary has traveled the globe and seen beauty in many forms. Mary believes that a woman’s face is her calling card and her mission is to showcase the beauty of every woman she works with!

Mary is a professionally trained Mary Kay Cosmetics Advanced Product and Color Certified Consultant. Mary continuously attends formal trainings which focus on keeping up with the latest revolutionary beauty products as well as professional development striving for excellence as a servant leader.

HOW MARY SERVES OTHERS Mary has two passions: to be of service in designing and documenting on-trend customized color application techniques for her professional clients’ lifestyles so they can easily replicate their LOOK and connecting entrepreneurs with each other to build personal and business relationship to facilitate a collective Win-Win . Her company is Power Glam for Professionals. Mary has been teaching her clients how to bring out their powerful essence for 3 beautiful years.

Mary transitioned from a successful career in corporate oil and gas portfolio management to her entrepreneurial focused Power Glam because she believes that healthy glowing skin and beauty build a woman’s confidence in herself and that emanates to her business.

MARY’S AUDIENCE Entrepreneurs that want to take their facial appearance to a higher level.

THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY Mary is also the Chapter Leader for Miami’s Women’s Prosperity Network and a WPN Certified Speaker. Mary is an Amazon Bestselling Author with her book Journey to the Stage. Mary has a BA in Business Management from Our Lady of the Lake University.


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