MARYON STEWART: Reinvention in Midlife

Maryon Stewart is a renowned and multi award winning expert in PMS & Menopause. She is a pioneer in the field of non-drug medicine, on a mission to enhance and make a difference to the lives of others. Despite there being a wealth of information online, so many stories are conflicting; some even with vested interests. Maryon feels passionately that women should be well informed and have access to a process they can trust that will reclaim their well-being. Using her years of knowledge and expertise, she coaches women in understanding the information, tools and techniques needed to get well to the point that they are able to be completely symptom-free.

Maryon has written 27 popular self-help books, several of which have been on the best-seller list, written regular columns for numerous daily newspapers and magazines, had her own radio show, contributed to a variety of TV series’, including Channel 4’s “Model Behavior”, where she was the nutritionist. And, Maryon has also created and presented her own TV series, “The Really Useful Health Show”. She is now focusing on virtual health promotions, providing online workshops to help women navigate, perimenopause and menopause with her successful, drug-free program. She has recently had over 1 million views on her Facebook Live videos in just three months.

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