Meet The Actress Who Is Changing The Face Of PR

A woman has developed a pioneering approach to PR with the aim of making it more accessible to entrepreneurs, coaches and experts looking to build a personal brand.

Actress Luana Ribeira didn’t take a traditional route into the world of PR herself. But after she started securing herself coverage in the media, she realised she wanted to help others share their messages and become more visible and founded her own PR agency – Dauntless PR.

She quickly realised there was a significant number of entrepreneurs, coaches and experts who were keen to learn how to raise their profile themselves but had no real idea how to go about it. To address this, Luana created a new programme, Media Impact Accelerator, which helps people secure their own media coverage but with the full support and guidance of an experienced team.

Luana says: “The world of PR can be very daunting for people who are still in the process of building their brand. They know they need to become more visible and share their expertise with the world, but they don’t know where to start.

“Media Impact Accelerator offers an affordable solution for people who don’t feel confident managing their PR on their own but want to stay in control of their message and perhaps don’t have the budget to employ an agency to handle it all for them. Those who join are taught how to write pitches and press releases, given access to our media contacts and have the chance to regularly pick the brains of our resident journalist.

“But most importantly, we don’t just teach them how to secure themselves coverage in the media and then leave them to it. We support and guide them every step of the way, celebrating their successes, talking through any fears they have and helping them make the most of the media coverage they secure.”

Dauntless PR’s Media Impact Accelerator programme teaches entrepreneurs how to become the go-to expert in their niche with a portal of video tutorials and a supportive online community. Clients can also attend weekly Zoom sessions with an experienced journalist and develop their interview technique by being put through their paces by an actor playing the role of an interviewer from hell.

Those on Media Impact Accelerator are also matched with journalists and producers looking for experts and case studies to interview in a feature called PR Tinder.

Luana, who is from Anglesey, says: “I don’t know anyone else offering PR in quite the same way and so many people have told me they think it is groundbreaking. As someone who came into the PR industry in a non-traditional way, I’m very happy to be treading new ground and helping more people understand how the media works.”

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