Michele Pechacek – Empowering Women 40+ To Achieve Their Health and Fitness Goals

In this episode, Jack talks with Certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach Michele Pechacek about how she helps women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond overcome the unique challenges and obstacles that prevent so many from achieving their health and fitness goals.

And she does it from a perspective and with a passion that’s driven by empathy and understanding because she’s faced and overcome the same challenges herself.

At age 49, despite routinely exercising and eating healthy, Michele started gaining weight; she was baffled at what was going on with her body. Feeling defeated, she joined a program coached by a colleague that seemed encouraging and unique. Realizing she had nothing to lose, she jumped all in.

By the end of the program, she dropped 10 pounds that she had recently gained and lost a total of 10 1/2 inches. Beyond the scale, she experienced better sleep, improved energy, mental clarity, better digestion, food freedom, and BALANCED HORMONES!

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss program made such a positive, powerful impact on Michele’s life that she decided to become a FASTer Way Certified Coach. She now helps other people achieve their health goals, especially those who have experienced similar frustrations that come with hormonal changes in a woman’s life!

To learn more about Michele Pechacek, visit: https://GetFitWithMichele.com