Mike Wilson, Founder of Blueprint Retirement Advisors, Interviewed on Podcast About Helping Small Business Owners Understand Tax Strategies

Mike Wilson discusses how Blueprint Retirement Advisors supports owners of small-to-midsize businesses by serving as an extension of their advisory team to lessen the tax burden and increase cash flow.

Listen to the interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network   http://businessinnovatorsradio.com/interview-with-mike-wilson-founder-of-blueprint-retirement-advisors/

Blueprint Retirement Advisors relies on process-driven planning to help clients make the most of their financial resources. The company delivers a high level of personal service to business owners and individual investors. The Blueprint Design Review process helps clients evaluate financial decisions for both long- and short-term issues.  No products or strategies are recommended without careful examination of the entire financial picture. 

Wilson commented, ” If you asked a small business owner what their top 3 frustrations were, you’d hear the word “taxes” almost every time. Working with Blueprint means that taxes and tax efficiency are a priority, and our solutions are anything but status quo. Business owners are frustrated with out-of-control taxes. What’s even more frustrating is the only solutions ever offered are the same old, worn-out solutions that everyone uses. Is that true for you? Small- and medium-sized business owners pay someone to take care of the necessary evil of taxes, but they rarely come away with anything other than Deductions and Deferrals. Just like everyone else.”

Wilson continued, “As President of Blueprint Retirement Advisors, I help small business owners reduce their frustrations by giving them access to tax and financial tools traditionally only used by large corporations. Using the Blueprint Design Review process and Retirement Analyzer software, I use those tools to design solutions to address the unique circumstances of each client.”


About Mike Wilson
In founding Blueprint Retirement Advisors, Mike Wilson builds on thirty-plus years of experience advising clients about strategic financial decisions. Many of those years included operating a top-performing captive insurance agency, earning Bronze Tablet, Silver Scroll, and Golden Triangle awards. Mike’s commitment to prioritizing client interests includes professional development and continuous learning. He takes his fiduciary role very seriously and advocates for his clients in every aspect of their financial life. When not working as a financial advisor, Mike enjoys fishing, cooking, and travel—and most of all, spending time with his wife and children. If you’re a small business owner wondering how to get access to the VIP strategies of large corporations, then reach out to me for a no-cost conversation.  

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