Milena Joy – Building a Business with Image Consulting & Personal Branding

For years, Milena Joy has been helping others make a statement – not with words, but with the images they portray. In this interview Milena shares her success strategies for aspiring image consultants.

Image consulting used to be thought of as something that was only for the rich and famous.

That’s not the case any longer.

In fact, it can be a necessity for many of today’s entrepreneurs. Milena has found that business owners who’ve become the brand for their company need to portray that brand. Others who have lost weight may need to readjust the look and clothes they have worn for years to reflect the new physical self they now have, while also changing their psychological self.

Those who are re-entering the dating arena or stay-at-home moms who want to feel good about themselves – these are just a few of the many who could use the services of an image consultant.

Milena has launched her program for aspiring image consultants, called Statement Makers which not only teaches how to do the business, but also how to build the business, as well.

If you or someone you know loves to shop and help others look their best, this may be the career that will change your life, while earning a good living at the same time.

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