Milind Bharvirkar President/Founder of Priatek Talks Customer Conversion with Prize-Based Digital Promotions

In this episode, Craig speaks with this UMASS economics major who brought us the popular game, Tiger Woods EA Sports PGA Tour. Milind Bharvirkar shared how he entered the world of fun and gamification, and used his winning business acumen to land software agreements with well-known publishers like Activision and Electronic Arts (EA).
Milind shares how important a win-win advertising environment for both the consumer and sponsor get what they want. Milind’s company, Priatek LLC, a performance-based promotions company that engages customers. Tune in and hear how Priatek is changing the game of distribution and advertising through his patented touch-screen technology and gaming license prowess has attracted fan favorites like Wheel of Fortune, JEOPARDY, and  Family Feud.
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