Miss Emily Baum – Never Too Late To Learn Music For The Mind, Body and Soul

In this episode, Jack talks with Children’s Music Education Expert Miss Emily Baum.

As if the joy of experiencing music isn’t enough, the benefits of learning to play music at a young age have been shown to enhance brain growth, language and math skills, the development of memory, attention, and concentration while fostering discipline, self-confidence, and social skills.

But the benefits of learning to play an instrument aren’t limited to children. It’s also been shown to have a positive impact on adults… from brain function, stress relief, boosting blood flow, and just the general sense of accomplishment.

As a former elementary school teacher, Miss Emily specializes in teaching music to kids ranging in age from 4-104. She busts through the old stereotype of piano lessons being a chore with her Musical Storytime for young children as well as using music as therapy and a tool for mental and physical fitness with what she so aptly calls Yoga for the Mind.

Miss Emily enjoys inspiring students with special needs and engaging them in musical activities as part of their therapy. Also a fitness and wellness enthusiast, Emily coaches youth and adults in healthy habits.

The environment of Mill Emily’s Piano Studio in Hermosa Beach, CA is a peaceful fun place one block from the beach. From Steinway Pianos to Kohler and Campbell uprights and a group of magic keyboards, it’s a fun, magical place to make music and have a fun, relaxing musical experience each and every week.

Listen in and you’ll quickly understand how Miss Emily has touched the lives of so many students, creating GRIT and building the self-confidence to face life’s challenges.

To learn more about Miss Emily Baum visit https://MissEmilyBaum.com

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