Mokha Bunn Introduces an Extraordinarily Unique and Magical Variety of Coffees to Canada by Maintaining Ancient Yemen Traditions.

Providing an extraordinarily unique and delicious taste, Mokha Bunn coffees satisfy EVERYONE because they combine the natural sweet chocolaty notes with the fruity explosion notes resulting in the most delicious experience in every sip taken!

Mokha Bunn, the first company to establish a direct line between Yemeni coffee producers and South American consumers, is now the first Canadian coffee roastery and company with sustainable, distinctive, and robust seasonal Yemeni specialty coffees. The name Mokha Bunn originated from “Al-Mokha” a city on the Red Sea coast of Yemen and the only marketplace from the 15th century through the early 18th that exported coffee worldwide, and “Bunn” which in Arabic means coffee cherry, coffee beans, or ground coffee and was the first name coffee was known by in Arab culture for more than 800 years. 

By carrying forward with the traditional process that farmers have used for hundreds of years, keeping the original characteristics of coffee just as they are, in combination with the innovation of specialty coffee, has been what has allowed Mokha Bunn to provide Canadians and North Americans with such remarkable quality in their offerings. These include special roasts for Turkish coffee such as Mokha AA+, Gurmah (Limited Edition), and Mokha Sana’ani.

Available to individual consumers via worldwide shipping and in bulk, the company’s mission has been to share the unique Yemen coffee experience with everyone by only importing unique, exceptional, fully traceable, naturally, and organically processed micro-lot coffees, and then roasting them in Canada to ensure the best quality. An incredibly useful tool presented on the Mokha Bunn website is their “Coffee Match” interactive tab where site users may answer a series of questions based on their brewing techniques, tastes, and desires to find the perfect coffee match to try!

The Mokha Bunn traditions involve hand-picking ripe cherries, the fruit of the coffee tree with each cherry containing two coffee beans, at their peak during harvest. Farmers then use a floating process to eliminate defective cherries and spread them out under the sun on raised beds to dry naturally. This process can last between 16-22 days but is crucial for bringing out the abundance of fruity notes that Yemen coffees are most noted for. The next step involves the dried cherries going into a hulling machine to separate the husk from the beans, they are then sorted, packed, and shipped to Canada.  

Because of the dry climate and elevation of Yemen, Mokha Bunn coffees require professional treatment to deliver the utmost quality. Harvests, and each additional part of the processes including the shipping, are supervised and controlled every step of the way to guarantee freshness, quality, and satisfaction.

Over the years, Mokha Bunn has truly established itself as an expert in quality coffees. They represent variety, complexity, and a remarkable coffee experience. And those who are avid coffee fans have come to know the Mokha Bunn brand as synonymous with delectable assortments ranging from sweet, chocolaty, spicy, and fruity. They offer intensely satisfying taste, tradition, and micro-lot, direct, and fair-trade Yemeni specialty coffee. They are a legend in their own right and will surely continue lifelong traditions as they have adopted from many ancestors before them. Enjoying Mokha Bunn coffee is so much more than just a ‘cup of joy.’ It is the celebration of proven processes from centuries of hard-working farmers and growers, traditions, togetherness, and family. 



Mokha Bunn is the first Canadian coffee company & roastery that helps coffee enthusiasts, roasters, and corporate entities to get easy access to extraordinary, sustainable, and delicious Yemeni specialty coffee micro-lots by maintaining a fair and a direct trade practice throughout the process from farm to doorstep. 

Mokha Bunn doesn’t negotiate the price but they always negotiate quality, therefore placing a great deal of importance on their farmers’ efforts by rewarding them fairly for crops that meet high-quality standards is crucial. Furthermore, Mokha Bunn regularly upgrades the payroll to encourage farmers to improve the quality, which explains why their coffees evolve throughout the seasons.

After the remarkable success they had in South America when their coffee scored first place in the Chilean 2019 Brewers Cup Championship, they decided to expand to North America. Their mission was to continue sharing the unique experience with everyone by only importing unique, exceptional, fully traceable, naturally and organically processed micro-lot coffees, which are then roasted in Canada to ensure the best quality.