Molly Ola Pinney – Leading the Charge For Autism Awareness, Acceptance & Understanding Around The World

In this episode, Molly Ola Pinney, Founder, and CEO of the Global Autism Project shares how, in many parts of the world, families of children with autism have no resources, nowhere to turn and live in communities that have little to no understanding or acceptance of people with autism.

Global Autism Project is working hard to change this by partnering with communities around the world and providing training on how to work with kids with autism in a SUSTAINABLE way.

In this interview, Molly also shares how the organization is growing the understanding, acceptance and integration of people with autism worldwide by educating the communities in culturally relevant and quality practices.

The Global Autism Project is making tremendous strides in their mission. April is World Autism Awareness Month Molly Ola Pinney was selected to speak at United Nations General Assembly on April 1, for World Autism Awareness Day.

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