Mountaineer Aerial Imaging Unveils Enhanced Drone Services for Key Industries Across Eastern United States

Under the leadership of Amanda Estepp, owner and CEO, Mountaineer Aerial Imaging consistently pushes the boundaries of aerial technology to support business and project outcomes. Their mission is rooted in empowering decision-making through innovative aerial imaging solutions. By introducing FPV and 360-degree aerials, and planning future expansion into iGUIDE technology, they continue to evolve their services, providing more detailed, reliable, and cost-effective data.

Mountaineer Aerial Imaging’s core service areas now include aerial photos and videos, aerial inspections, aerial real estate photography, aerial construction support, and exclusive imaging solutions for hotels and resorts. Their specialization in the real estate and construction sectors aims to deliver enhanced visual content and precise data for property listings, site planning, and construction progress monitoring—critical assets in today’s competitive marketplace.

The company’s forthcoming plans to adopt iGUIDE technology will further enhance their real estate and construction imaging services by delivering accurate floor plans alongside rich photographic data, a crucial feature for comprehensive project documentation and marketing.

Adhering to core values such as Safety, Excellence, Innovation, Respect, and Integrity, Mountaineer Aerial Imaging distinguishes itself by committing to the highest standards of operation. They ensure every project exceeds client expectations while fostering a culture of integrity and mutual respect.

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About Mountaineer Aerial Imaging

Mountaineer Aerial Imaging provides top-tier aerial imaging solutions catering to diverse industries, including real estate, construction, and hospitality. Launched in 2023, the company utilizes advanced drone technology to deliver precise and aesthetically appealing aerial data. Mountaineer Aerial Imaging aims to become a leading name in aerial imaging across the Eastern United States by focusing on innovative solutions and client-centric services.