Nadiya Williams of Feminine Revival ‘Know Your Body, Know Yourself’ Interviewed on Soulfully Blonde Sept. 13

 “Feminine Revival is a place for women’s rediscovery of the sensual self, it is a sincere and safe community created for women by women,” said creator Nadiya Williams.

“Our company grew out of a regenerative process via our team and my personal experiences. Feminine Revival has already become a path to the reawakening of personal energy for thousands of women,” she said.

CEO and Founder of Feminine Revival Nadiya Williams grew up in Ukraine, left for Paris at a young age, and worked as a fashion model for 20 years before settling in New York City.

Her journey toward becoming a healer began in 2017 when she became a certified Intimate Fitness instructor to learn how women can better control their pelvic floor muscles. Two years later, working with renowned psychologist Jenny Martin, Nadiya deepened her studies and earned additional certifications in female health issues.

Over the years, Nadiya sought a better understanding of holistic approaches to health. With a particular focus on nutrition and the mind-body connection, she began to learn how abusive patterns of thought and habits of eating lead to inflammation, especially in and near the pelvic floor. That inflammation causes scar tissue and calcification that block our digestive systems and our sensual well-being.

“With healthful nutrition and exercise habits, women can begin to reverse that damage, eliminate pelvic floor inflammation, and experience the complete joy of their bodies,” she said.

Pulling all her learning together into a unique practice, Nadiya created Feminine Revival — a place for women’s rediscovery of the sensual self. She feels so lucky to put her knowledge and years of practice to work for so many women — of all ages, from all walks of life — and to help them heal.

“The Intimate Fitness program was developed to help women at all stages of life to become happier, healthier, for the rest of your life,” said Nadiya.

Intimate Fitness provides a training program for building the pelvic floor muscles. Every woman has her reasons for doing the program.  The courses increase your awareness of your pelvic floor. They show you how to take control of your inner feminine energy and project it outward.”

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